Play writer and dramaturgist

In 1987 Raquel Toledo discovered the universe of the dramaturgy in the course of Paco López in Córdoba University . Two years after finishing her Acting degree, she was selected to study dramaturgy at the very first graduation in the Royal Superior Dramatic Art School of Madrid in this speciality. She was taught there by playwriters like Jose Luis Alonso de Santos and Ignacio García May and researchers like Ricardo Domenech and Jorge Eines.

Her directing vocation prevailed over the writing one and she would improve her knowledge on that matter doing the dramaturgy on the majority of the plays she directed. In her return to Córdoba Teatro Avanti entrusted her the challenge of writing and directing a musical play for children.

Her methodology of writing the plays is quite unusual: She works at the same time on the stage and the text; The characters are built by this playwriter counting with the features of the actors that are going to perform; She proposes a topic, a line of action, some dialogues and key sentences, the specific way each character speaks and behaves. Then, the actors improvise and that same night the playwriter-director will revise the text.

Using this way of writing , Raquel Toledo has done: "Yes, or Yes; a flamenco Monkey girls´comedy" for The Contratiempo Company and "¿Que pasa con nuestro tiempo? A musical comedy for her company Ala Teatro Musical.

She has also written several plays for children: "Juansen y Gretem, a Musical Tale", "Cuentos a lo flamenco" , "La bruja y el arbol" and "Carmencita y Manzira Under the Holm Oak".

As a dramaturgist is stand out her adaptation of the novel by Rosa Montero "La Función Delta", the work she did with the Contratiempo on their show "Tell it to me as a tale" and the interactive contemporary proposal of the Cervantes short farce play; "El viejo celoso".

  • ¿Que pasa con nuestro tiempo?

    ¿Que pasa con nuestro tiempo?

  • Bailar las palabras

    Bailar las palabras

  • La bruja y el arbol

    La bruja y el arbol

  • La dirección de actores en el proceso de un montaje teatral

    Directing actors in a theater distribution process

  • Juansen y Gretem

    Juansem y Gretem

  • Cuentos a lo flamenco

    Cuentos a lo flamenco

  • Si o si

    Si o si

  • La función delta

    La Función Delta

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