Training and retraining for professional actors

The actors are conscious that their learning never ends. They know that keeping their instruments finely tuned is essential to develop as professionals. This laboratory offers the opportunity to the actors to training and retraining as a performer of words and emotions. Raquel Toledo has experimented and selected the main lines of working, exercises and dynamics of the greatest masters of theater of the last century . She uses the ones that she considers more interesting to help their acting progress.

Dynamics of twentieth-century masters

In this first course we are working on:

  • Peter Brook and his several improvisational techniques: "Searching for the unlearning".
  • The technique of Jacques Copeau: " Breathing while reading" and the searching for the spontaneity.
  • Working on the physical actions. Two different approaches : Stanislavsky and Grotowski.
  • The private sphere by Strasberg.
  • The active analysis of the text by the last Stanislavsky.
  • The actoral training by Wlodzimierz Stanieswk
  • The humor of the actions in the theatre of Dario Fo.
  • The psychological gesture by Michael Chejov.
  • Building the images theatre following Augusto Boal.
  • Biomechanical exercises by Meyerhold.

Our laboratory is connected to the internet with other researching theater centers inside and outside of Spain to have exchanges of information and experiences.

  • Dynamics


  • Training

    Training I

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    Training III

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    Training IV

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    Training VI

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    Training IX

  • Training X

    Training X

  • Exercise II

    Exercise II

  • Ejercicio-de-la-Royal-Shakespeare-Company

    Royal Shakespeare Company Exercise

  • Theater director

    Theater director

  • Masters seminar

    Masters seminar

  • Masters seminar II

    Masters seminar II

  • Holding


  • Medusa´s Raft

    Medusa´s Raft

  • Exercise


  • Dynamics


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