Theater and Cinema

Raquel Toledo considers that integrating the seventh art in her laboratory is an essential fact. The objective is to show the undeniable linking between the cinema and the rest of the scenic arts. This laboratory Theatre offers to movie and theatre goers the possibility of participating and collaborating in:

  • Intensive Courses about "Acting in front of the Camera"
  • Practice and theoretical seminaries of "Directing actors in Cinema and Tv"
  • Sessions of "Theatre in Cinema"

"Acting in front of the Camera" is an eminently practical course where it works the artistic elements of the acting in cinema as naturalness, sincerity, relaxation, concentration, imagination, stimulus, action, provocation, fresh reaction… and, on the other hand, It works all the elements that makes the actor another technician in the set: being aware of the direction of the light, the sound, the clapperboard, and over all, being very careful with the raccord mistakes. Besides the teachings of the Actor Studio and the technique of William Layton, the practice in this laboratory is closely related with the advice of Michael Caine as a film actor.

The seminars about "Directing actors in film and Tv" stablishes the ways to have an excellent communication between the director and the actors in these mass media. Here it researches all the processes that a director has to deal with in his work with the actor: Methodology and criterion in the casting, analyses of the facts and images of the script, the mechanical and the organic in the studio and selection of the shots… to finish by focusing mainly on searching for objectives and physical activities during the rehearsal process. To do these seminars, the directors can count on professional actors.

Theatre in Cinema is a series of sessions made by Raquel Toledo where it researches the treatment of the theatre and acting into a film. Every session includes: An introduction about the relationship between the film director and the theatre; an open class about the theatrical dynamic we have seen in the movie; the viewing of the film and a short debate or discussion about the selected topic. The films are the Spanish ones as "Sin verguenza" or "El viaje a ninguna parte" and the foreign films are "Bullets over Broadway" or "Cradle will rock".

  • The singer

    The singer

  • Recording the secuence

    Recording the secuence

  • Actors direction in film and television

    Actors direction in film and television

  • Actors direction in film and television II

    Actors direction in film and television II

  • The actor in front of the camera

    The actor in front of the camera

  • Actors direction in film and television III

    Actors direction in film and television III

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