Raquel Toledo graduated from the Royal Superior Performing Art School in 1990. She continues her training by attending courses and seminaries of acting like; The Central School of Speech and Drama in London for Acting, "Acting Shakespeare" by Leon Rubin at Cuarta Pared in Madrid, "About the Recitative Technic" by Franca Rame and Darío Fo in Rávena, and the intensive course in "Acting in Cinema" by Asumpta Serna in Madrid. The last workshop that Toledo participated in was "Theatre and English" by Lawrence Boswell in Penzance, August 2010.

Short Film "Manuel Raquel" musical number "Fish Man" lyrics by Juan Antonio Canta, Patuchas. Sing and dance: Raquel Toledo

The painter and play writer Ginés Liébana is considered by this actress as her most special mentor. Through the performing of his plays and always having the absolute enthusiasm from the author about her work, Raquel Toledo performed with brilliance, emotion and maturity in Thalia´s Art.

Of the nineties it is worth pointing out her performances in: "El Rapto de Europita", "Rompimiento y pasinoche de Misericordia de los Dolores Ortega", "Prosperó Merimé" y "Tirsa y Tita Tancreda", all of them were written by Ginés Liébana and directed by herself. Her performance as Agave in "Las Bacantes" by Eurípides directed by Rosa María García Rodero at the Mérida Festival with Thiasos Company was another great moment for her on the stage.

A scene from "Paquita Only" by Ernesto Caballero played by Raquel Toledo under the supervision of Asumpta Serna

As a film actress she has been in shortfilms directed by Rafael Jimenez "Zankiuverimach" and "Pub" by Antonio Álamo and was a main character in the shortfilms "Raquel Manuel" by Jose Luis Domínguez and "La Polonesa" by Rafael Salazar. On TV it pointed out the moment when she was elected to be one of the finalist to show her abilities to be Scarlata O´Hara and she was also featured in the tv program "Las Lolas" to perform "Prosperó Merimé".

At the beginning of the XXI century Raquel Toledo pushed her career as an actress into the background to dedicate her time to work as a director and teacher of acting. Only when she came back to Córdoba, did she return to acting in her own Theatre Company´s shows. At the beginning only as a substitute ;"¿Que pasa con nuestro tiempo?" and then as a main character in "Un sueño Andalusí" , "Tras", "La bruja y el arbol" and "Emprencantoras".

  • Gines Liebana and Raquel Toledo

    Gines Liebana and Raquel Toledo

  • Strindberg in teacher`s character

    Strindberg in teacher`s character

  • Rachel nurse in Thankiuverimach

    Rachel nurse in Thankiuverimach

  • Irina`s character in Chejoviadas

    Irina`s character in Chejoviadas

  • In the role of bird in Paraíso de las Aves

    In the role of bird in Paraíso de las Aves

  • Tita Tancreda

    Tita Tancreda

  • Tirsa

    Raquel Toledo Escarlata O´Hara

  • Tirsa


  • Juansen y Gretem

    Próspero Merimé

  • Monólogos de mujeres andaluzas

    Monólogos de mujeres andaluzas

  • Las Bacantes

    Las Bacantes

  • Las Bacantes II

    Las Bacantes II

  • Europita


  • Personaje de la trituradora

    Personaje de la trituradora

  • Sevilla´s cultural magazine article

    Sevilla´s cultural magazine article

  • Agave


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