Raquel Toledo Teatro Laboratorio

This Teatro Laboratorio has emerged to cover the necessity of continuing to research and find the synergies between the professionals of flamenco and the actors, dancers and musicians that have finished their studies here. And of all the artists that want to come to this city because they are attracted by the intriguing interactivity between flamenco and theater we are experimenting with in this center.

Raquel Toledo has had the luck of training with great professionals in Madrid, Barcelona, London and Moscow, not only in the background of acting and directing theatre but also in contemporary dance, flamenco and lyric singing. With this project she wants to make real her dream of exploring the interactive dynamics between different scenic arts.

The Cinema is included from the beginning in this working space as a practical but also as a medium to recover the developments and problems that appear during the process of the workshops at Teatro laboratorio Raquel Toledo in order to analyse them and to relay to the rest of the people interested in these issues.



Acting Training for dancers and musicians

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Training and retraining por professional actors

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