Contemporary, Poetic, Flamenco Theatre

This project is the essence of Teatro Laboratorio Raquel Toledo In Córdoba. This city has activities as rooted and famous as the Festival of the Guitarr and The National Flamenco contest, as successful and transcendental as Cosmopoetica and as spectacular and acclaimed as The White Night of Flamenco. Besides, Córdoba is a straight candidate to be the Cultural Capital in 2016. But this City lacks an experimental theatre and performance pedagogical institution were Flamenco, poetry and Theatre were linked. This is the emptiness that we want to cover with the workshops and multidisciplinary creations at Teatro Laboratorio where these three artistic languages interact and combine their expressions without losing their singularities.

The contemporary theatre code has its origin in the northern European countries; opened dramatic structures, fragmented and full of dissociations, coldness and sobriety hiding inside dissonant and strident drives…The bodies moving on the space tell us things without expressing nothing else with their gestures, the actions are the transmitting of an opened polysemus sense, the words wound the air without using the emotions of the actors.

The poetry has in this kind of theatre an allied of first line because the actors here don't introduce their feelings nor their points of view but, on the opposite, they rehearse very hard to be just simple transmitters, offering their bodies to let the emotion inside the poems flow: "They let consciously that the words come in while they are performing the actions without helping themselves by a previous motivation" .

In the opposite pole of the Contemporary theatrical language we can find the Flamenco, this language that came from the south of Spain full of passion where you can even touch the feelings. This is an art full of tradition that has survived in the postmodernity: Rythms that come from the earth and expand into the air with such singular and expressive strength that make every palo, the guitar touch, the flamenco dance and Andalusian folk song a big treasure of our identity, something tremendously difficult to imitate. Nor in vane it has been proclaimed as World Heritage. And the poetry appears in every flamenco performance made with careful and enthralling art.

What Teatro Laboratorio Raquel Toledo offers is to commit on the stage these three languages as they never have been before, researching , experimenting and creating new and brave interactions between them with the double aims of making art and being useful as an example of coexistence in the cultural diversity. As an exponent of the urgent need of communication between ways of life.

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